Qompass Trader / Terminal

State of the art platform for all your crypto trading and investment needs.

To be a qualified and successful trader, you require market analysis based on price action , events and tools to help you take informed decisions to trade profitably . Qompass suite of applications offers you the ability to analyse market data, market sentiments, credit and operational risks associated with every instrument and forecasting of financial markets based on these powerful analysis. Qompass dedicated blockchain ensures the speed and security of analysis being done for the trader to take well informed decisions. This platform is made extremely secure with the help of smart contract and leaves no room for financial markets and trade date manipulation.

Qompass Trader Tools(Subscription only)


Exchange Aggregator

Aggregation of liquidity is essential to deliver value to traders. Through a set of API, Qompass links major enterprises and private traders to the Qompass Trader Platform and using your single sign in account, you can trade cryptocurrency of your choice. Exchange fees are forwarded directly to the counterparty; with discounts applied for high volume traders./p>

Qompass Forecaster

A strong data calculation engine in Qompass trader application, powered by neural networks and artificial intelligence gives a detailed view on market trends, trading behavior, and overall market sentiments to take advantage in increasing the profitability and limit the risks. We do not believe in speculation.

ICO Intelligence

Qompass advisory services helps you in spotting the right investment options by providing real time news feed. Any new cryptocurrency must go through exhaustive review criteria before it is suggested to Qompass traders. An inbuilt capability designed using Neural networks and Artificial intelligence to scan major crypto news sites , ICO ratings, social media along with human journalists to feed information into an algorithm that validates a real investment grade asset that has potential to multiply your earnings. The advisory services continues to provide dynamic suggestions on buy and sell based on preset conditions.

Qompass P2P Exchange and Financing Platform

  • A very well thought functionality that enables you to buy, sell and exchange Cryptocurrencies without a middleman. Thus anyone on the platform can be a market maker by setting their own trading rules. Using our drag and drop Smart Contract Creator, trust is enforced without the need to rely on a third party.
  • To offer high liquidity to our users, Qompass is integrating banks and financial institution into the P2P platform that will offer Crypto to Fiat conversion in real time.
  • Like any traditional financial institution, you can also lend Crypto or apply for Fiat loans using crypto as collateral and the interest rates and other terms are set by your fellow community members. All these functions like security, loan paybacks, and anonymity are enforced by smart contracts.
  • Qompass leadership team is working hard to launch a pilot project in Q3 2019 for the use of traditional assets as collateral for loans on the decentralized platform. We will communicate more details further.