Cryptocurrency has been ruling our markets for a long time, and people have been letting that slide through. The new generation of investors and members tend to look at it from the point of profits, and things seem to be going towards the better. But one cannot claim that it all adds up for the best since the year might be closing to some bad news. If you have been following the same, then you might be aware of the exact thing that we are talking about. Hence, for all those who don’t, here’s the latest news from the world of Cryptocurrency.

All About Halving


This might be the biggest news to hit the market in recent times, and people are looking at it from two different angles. Although people have predicted the event, many were not clueless about its actual occurrence. So, let’s get things straight and start it all from the beginning. The term “Halving” talks about cutting something in half and taking over the same. This particular halving begins by cutting the market in half, and that might either reek of progress or destruction. As far as the markets are concerned, this halving comes from Bitcoin, which may be the biggest form of Cryptocurrency. The event might take place during May of 2020, and the program was fed into the Bitcoin computer around ten years back. The program created Satoshi Nakamoto made this clear and also stated its effects. In terms of money, this halving claims over $120 Billion and bitcoin players predict a shift increase in prices. On the bright side, this may be a good move to control the number of Bitcoin and Inflation in no small extent.

The Havoc

The Havoc

The other news to come from the world of Cryptocurrency may not be as good as the Halving concept. This also comes as a shock to many and involves one of the biggest video sharing platforms. To make matters clear, we are talking about YouTube and the way in influences lives and livelihood. Apart from being the biggest, this platform has helped many artists and given them a means of living. But such factors may not seem to be clicking as far as Cryptocurrency is involved. The platform on December 23, YouTube took down all videos related to Cryptocurrency and the ones which try to explain the concept. YouTuber’s such as Chris Dunn took the hit as his long list of famous videos got affected. Through a couple of tweets, he clarified the same and expressed his disappointment as he talked about a career spanning over ten years and one that included videos with over 7 million views. Apart from Chris, other YouTubers have also been affected. But the platform nor Google has released any form of public statements yet.



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