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All About the Top 4 Cryptocurrencies


By now, we are all aware of the digital world and how it includes major players like Cryptocurrency. The new set of investors that have risen from the 21st century tend to look at Cryptocurrency like how investors back in the 90s used to look at the stock market. This apparent shift in need has numerous reasons associated with the same, and through time, things made the process smooth. Although the entire world is far away from making legal, one might see a change sooner or later. That brings us to the current state of affairs and new forms of currencies in the market. Hence, to make matters clear, here are some of the biggest cryptocurrencies and their ups and downs.


When Bitcoin was launched back in 2009, people never really paid much attention since they realized that it would sink sooner or later. But things played out to their surprise, and the value kept increasing through time. So the plus side about the same might be the fact that it is the biggest and can take over attackers like never before. But on the other hand, the exploration of demand has made transactions expensive, and things are not like before.



In terms of the market, Ethereum may be new, and people are getting to know all about the same. Since it is a built-in program, developers write computer programs and such smart contracts run on Blockchain. Although that is a benefit, Ethereum uses proof of work and everything seems to be slow in the same manner. When such factors tend to happen repeatedly, it gets prone to hacking, and people are affected in a drastic manner. This is also one of the main reasons why people prefer Bitcoin over Ethereum.

Ripple (XRP)

Although Ripple was launched in 2017, it does seem to be new when compared to Ethereum that was launched in 2015. Apart from all that, Ripple has numerous beneficiary factors that seem to overtake Ethereum and Bitcoin. Thanks to the novel consensus protocol, Ripple is quite faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum. But the private company has so much control over the system and experts also state that the currency is not decentralized enough unlike Bitcoin.


Litecoin (LTC)

Some may say that Litecoin is a clone of Bitcoin and matters are quite the same. But such people tend to forget all about specific alterations that are not available with Bitcoin. In terms of transactions, Litecoin is faster and even quicker than Bitcoin. But in terms of being an ideal payment method, it is still quite slow, and that is a major setback. This is also one of the few reasons why it is not known like Bitcoin.

Fun Facts About Bitcoin Every Bitcoin Owner Should Know

Bitcoin Owner

There is a lot of mystery when it comes to understanding bitcoin, which is still the undisputed king of cryptocurrencies. They are generally used for bitcoin which can be used for both purposes and daily transactions which has the largest majority of acquiring when you have the right plans of doing the same. There is still a lot when it comes to understanding bitcoin.

The first Bitcoin purchase was for pizza

The bitcoin that was initially mined was considered to be worthless, and the cost can be just cents. This the time where the first purchase was made to buy a pizza with 10,000 BTC, this was the first officially documented purchase of goods and using bitcoins which the value is said to be more than $99 million.

The inventor of bitcoin is still a mystery

This is one mystery which is still has a lot of speculations around it. The inception of bitcoin was done in the year 2009. There has been a lot of several speculations which is the father of Bitcoin. The bitcoin was a white paper which was made to open to the public under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. The identity is still unknown, and amidst this confusion, a lot of people came up, and one among them is the Australian entrepreneur who claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin. He later turned out to be a scam.

Bitcoin is untraceable, and bitcoin is not traceable


When you make the bitcoin transaction, it is very easy to see that o personal information is not seen in any public address available. The bitcoin blockchain is a permanent ledger which is a transparent but not everyone will be able to see your bitcoin public address, and you can view the transactions you have made.

If you lose you bitcoin private key, you lose your bitcoin

An IT guy lost 7500 bitcoins which is November when he was cleaning his desk at home he threw away his hard disk containing the private keys of bitcoin. The realisation dawned on him where he looked for it and was not able to find the hard disk.

Bitcoins cannot be grown

Bitcoins need to be mined on a lot of blockchain network which can make the bitcoin blocks successful. There is a lot of mining power which has the bitcoin network, which is 300 times more powerful than the world’s supercomputers combined.

There will only ever be 21 million bitcoins

Bitcoin supply is finite and there will only be more than 21 million bitcoins. There are many bitcoins being mined and being traded, and the last bitcoin will be mined in 2140, which can be mined.

Things you can buy with bitcoin

This is one of the main problem people will be facing, which is one of the most compromised that has several fatal flaws which has the price of bitcoin, which has steadily increased.

Latest from the World of Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency has been ruling our markets for a long time, and people have been letting that slide through. The new generation of investors and members tend to look at it from the point of profits, and things seem to be going towards the better. But one cannot claim that it all adds up for the best since the year might be closing to some bad news. If you have been following the same, then you might be aware of the exact thing that we are talking about. Hence, for all those who don’t, here’s the latest news from the world of Cryptocurrency.

All About Halving


This might be the biggest news to hit the market in recent times, and people are looking at it from two different angles. Although people have predicted the event, many were not clueless about its actual occurrence. So, let’s get things straight and start it all from the beginning. The term “Halving” talks about cutting something in half and taking over the same. This particular halving begins by cutting the market in half, and that might either reek of progress or destruction. As far as the markets are concerned, this halving comes from Bitcoin, which may be the biggest form of Cryptocurrency. The event might take place during May of 2020, and the program was fed into the Bitcoin computer around ten years back. The program created Satoshi Nakamoto made this clear and also stated its effects. In terms of money, this halving claims over $120 Billion and bitcoin players predict a shift increase in prices. On the bright side, this may be a good move to control the number of Bitcoin and Inflation in no small extent.

The Havoc

The Havoc

The other news to come from the world of Cryptocurrency may not be as good as the Halving concept. This also comes as a shock to many and involves one of the biggest video sharing platforms. To make matters clear, we are talking about YouTube and the way in influences lives and livelihood. Apart from being the biggest, this platform has helped many artists and given them a means of living. But such factors may not seem to be clicking as far as Cryptocurrency is involved. The platform on December 23, YouTube took down all videos related to Cryptocurrency and the ones which try to explain the concept. YouTuber’s such as Chris Dunn took the hit as his long list of famous videos got affected. Through a couple of tweets, he clarified the same and expressed his disappointment as he talked about a career spanning over ten years and one that included videos with over 7 million views. Apart from Chris, other YouTubers have also been affected. But the platform nor Google has released any form of public statements yet.


The Future of Cryptocurrency 2020

Future of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency which is created and managed by the advanced encryption techniques, which is cryptography. Cryptocurrency is made form the concept of virtual reality with the creation of bitcoin. Bitcoin has attracted and is growing in followers with just subsequent years which is also gaining a lot of media attention. In this article, we will be discussing the ways in which the future of cryptocurrency can bring changes for us.

The future of cryptocurrency

There is much economic analysis which can help ensure that you have the right bug change, which can allow you to have institutional money when it enters the market. There is always a possibility that crypto will be floated on the Nasdaq as it can add credibility to the blockchain as it uses an alternative to conventional currencies. There is a lot of debate about the ways crypto needs to be verified exchange-traded fund (ETF). This is one way the demand to invest in bitcoin will not go down and try to have an automatically generated funds.


Understanding bitcoin

Bitcoin is a decentralised currency which can have peer to peer technology which enables all the functions like currency assurance, verification and transaction processing which needs to be carried out collectively. These decentralisations which can render Bitcoin free from any kind of government manipulation. There is also a flip side to this as there is no central authority which can make sure of its smooth functioning to keep the value of bitcoin at the top. Bitcoin is created digitally through the process known as mining and requires some powerful computers and complex algorithms.

Fiat currencies is highly centralised and require a lot of supervision by the National Bank. They regulate the amount of currency which is issued to make sure that the monetary project and policies are done right. The local currency deposits can be insured against the bank failure of the government body. There is no such support which can allow you to have the right value of wholly dependent investors. These investors are willing to pay for it at any point even of the bitcoin is facing exchange folds and clients with bitcoin balances without any resources.

Bitcoin Future

Bitcoin Future

The future of bitcoin is very subjective, and the financial media concludes that the market capitalisation of cryptocurrencies which can explode over the next five years, which is not rising. The role of bitcoin as digital gold can allow you to have the right long term effects. There is also a flip side to this, which is limiting the transactions and are making things more vulnerable like the bubble-like collapse. There is a lot of vastly less efficient ways that the system can rely on, which is a trusted central authority.

Things You Need To Know About Bitcoin


Bitcoin is less than ten years old and is one of the most highly valued cryptocurrencies out there. Bitcoin has a very rocky and controversial history which has its fair share of high profile cases. There are certain things that you might not be aware of Bitcoin.

The birth of Bitcoin

The origin of bitcoin traces back to its creator who used the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto who has published the proof of bringing the concept of bitcoin to the light. When Nakamoto left the project in 2010 and disappeared to be picked up by other developers.

An elusive creator

elusive creator

The true identity of the bitcoin creator has not been confirmed yet. There are many people who have claimed their possession on bitcoin but was never confirmed to work. It is still estimated that the created has mined a million bitcoins that can be allowed to have the right kind of fun.

The most expensive pizza

The first transaction involved in bitcoin was reported to be a programmer who was identified as Laszlo Hanyecz, and he said that he successfully traded for 10,000 bitcoins for pizza. Today it is said that around the value of 10,000 bitcoin which is worth about $99 million.

You can spend bitcoins

While people may continue to use bitcoin to buy stuff but not all of them are aware of the business which can help ensure that you have the right kind of people to have done your transaction overstock.com, Expedia, Newegg and Dish.

Federal Bureau of bitcoin

US government is one of the largest holders of bitcoin, and after the FBI shut down, it is very difficult to make sure that you have any kind of illicit activities when it comes to goods and services. Bitcoin wallets were once controlled by a site which held more than 144,000 bitcoins which was made by killing the bid on government seized bitcoins.

A setback

In early 2014, bitcoin suffered a devastating loss which was alleged to be a hacking of a Japanese exchange Mt.Gox. It is reported that around $460 million of currency was stolen and was one of the largest loss bitcoin has ever encountered which raised a few eyebrows asking for the safety of the currency and also about the private details.

The Billionaires takes

Warren Buffett perhaps will have some of the hardest words to describe the currency to be a facade, and the idea is just a mirage, and the intrinsic value is nothing but a joke. But billionaire investor Jamie Dimon has some of the most stronger worst words which allows you to invest well for your business.



Factors That Affect Pros and Cons of Bitcoin

Pros and Cons

Cryptocurrency may be the centre of attraction at debates, news circlers and also the economy. The countries that have made it legal tend to look at the benefits and gives freedom to its people. Since laws are different at other places, such factors tend to deflect and does not affect the world’s economy. So, when you look at markets that have legalized the same, you can understand that certain factors influence the biggest form of cryptocurrency. Yes, we are talking about Bitcoin and how elements shape their ups and downs. So, to make everything clear, here are a few factors that give birth to its pros and cons.

The Media

information or data

Apart from Bitcoin, the media plays a huge role in the economy, and we are all aware of the same. Be it information or data; we have received quite a lot from our media houses. On the same manner, it influences Bitcoin by publishing their take on the same. People tend to be aware of Bitcoin, and that is the power of journalism. The types of coverages either tend to be positive as well as negative. Due to these factors, people may be either influenced to invest or not invest. When such things go further, the prices tend to take a hit and either reduces or increases.

Supply and Demand

Be it Bitcoin or goods, the market forces of supply and demand play a huge role. Both these forces affect the market, and there are different principles to the same factor. Such matters can be understood clearly when we relate them to gold. For example, a predetermined amount of gold can be compared to a predetermined amount of Bitcoin. In the same manner, the forces of supply depend upon the demand and the equation is quite similar to what you learned at school. But if economics was not your fortress, then we suggest that you do some reading.

Government Regulation

Change that comes through laws is another common factor that affects all kinds of monetary transactions and elements. Since Bitcoin is not centralized, governments across the world are a bit desperate to do something about the same. This occurs in the form of crackdowns, and the biggest example that we can give is China. When the country ordered a crackdown on several coin exchanges, the markets of Bitcoin were affected. The amount dropped, and investors were confused about the next move.

Political Changes

Political changes can be attributed to another common trend, and we are quite aware of its implications. When world leaders take charge, markets react, and the reaction can be termed to be either good or bad. Apart from that, when economic crises come into the picture, one need not talk about the extent of negative impacts, since it is quite harmful.

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All About the Top 4 Cryptocurrencies

By now, we are all aware of the digital world...