Mobile App

Qompass mobile App in itself is an end to end financial management platform that offers capabilities as the most secured hybrid wallet,with dynamic trading governed by artificial intelligence and support for multi-transactions.

Multi Transactional : Payroll management


Ultimate Power at your fingertips

Qompass ecosystem offers multiple capabilities to its consumers and all these capabilities can be made available to you by just having a Qompass Mobile App installed on your smartphone. Single sign in functionality incorporated into the app to enable all the services for you without having a need to create separate accounts to access different products offered on the Qompass platform.

Sending money

Transfer of funds is extremely easy, fast and almost free using Qompass Mobile App. You can transact Qompass currency “QPS” absolutely free of cost and others currencies like BTC or ETH with very minimal charges.

Exchange money

Qompass empowers individuals to exchange currencies like FIAT <->Crypto by offering peer to peer (P2P) exchange capability and eliminate any middleman involvement.

Qompass Mobile App now makes trading of crypto absolutely faster, cheaper and easier.