MCA-Managed Crypto Accounts

INTRODUCING ACCOUNT MIRRORING - Invest with no risk - Limited places for Investors

This is a service that is traditionally only available to the ulta High net worth investors, it’s a risk free way of investing mainly used in arbitrage trading. An investor’s funds are held in his own account as proof of ability and then the trader mirrors these funds with own assets. This gives the investor peace of mind knowing that his funds are under no risk as funds remain in the same account. The profits are sometimes guaranteed or on best efforts depending on the nature of the trading.


Qompass is introducing this same concept for crypto investors. with the help of smart contracts, funds remain in your own wallet monitored continuously by the smart contract. We will them mirror your funds with our own reserve funds and subscribe you to the Managed crypto program. All profits are deposited in your Qompass wallet and once the smart contract deducts the performance fee and other contractual fees you are then able to withdraw your profits to an external wallet. Subscribers to the Qompass Ico will be able to enter into program at the Ico price of $0.8 per token , others will have to buy in at a higher price.


Current investment and trading platform are centralized where they have control over your funds. They hold your private and public key of your wallet. These platform can disappear with your funds and you could do nothing but scratch your head. Qompass solves the problem where you deposit your funds to a centralized platform which posses risk of disappearance and fraud. Qompass blockchain is totally decentralized where you hold control of your own wallet and that wallet is mirrored with Qompass wallet/account by Qompass API’s and services. (Link from your own wallet to Qompass wallet) . The investor holds his own funds and simply has the account linked to the API for mirroring and monitoring by the smart contract.


Here is how Qompass trading works. Your funds in QPS, ETH, BTC, stays in your own wallet. You use Qompass API VIA Qompass trader to merry your wallet to Qompass trading platform which has mirrored your account with the funds available in your wallet ( an image of your wallet). A snapshot is periodically taken to ensure funds are still present in your wallet as you have to keep funds in your wallet during trading, moving funds will automatically void the contract. Qompass does not have access to funds in your wallet. You can withdraw your funds anytime you want from your original wallet. When you use Qompass trading platform, you cannot move your funds or else your booked trade is terminated. The profits you make from trading is automatically deposited to your trading wallets after the minimal performance fee and other costs. It then enables you to withdraw the amount to your external wallet.


Qompass is introducing a new way of earning passive income on your Crypto deposit.

Using advanced artificial intelligence and neural network algorithms combined with active leverage, investors in the MCA program are able to earn a stress-free income on their crypto holdings without moving your crypto assets from your own wallet

Earn up to 300%(LEVERAGED) OR 30% NON LEVERAGED per month on your deposit. No risk to your crypto assets , all funds are backed by Qompass´s own reserve funds and enforced by smart contracts.

Open a Managed Crypto Account

  • Priority is given to subscribers of the Qompass ICO.
  • You can either deposit BTC (or ETH) to buy QPS or simply deposit your QPS in your account.
  • For every 1 QPS you will get up to 99 QPS (leveraged) depending on your chosen package.
  • Choose the investment package matching your deposit.
  • Contracts can be renewed monthly based on First Come First Serve.
  • Withdraw profits and deposits when contract expires.
  • No capital Lock
  • Limited Cap - once the monthly intake Cap is reached the program is closed for new investors that month.
  • Low Perfomance Fees
  • 100% Capital Protection - All deposits secured By Our own Reserve Funds

Investment Packages

Alpha Package
$1 - $10000

Up to 10% Monthly
40:1 Leverage
25% Perfomance Fee to the Platform
Delta package
$10001 - $100000

Up to 20% Monthly
60:1 Leverage
20% Perfomance Fee to the Platform
Omega package
$100001 +

up to 30%
100:1 Leverage
15% Perfomance Fee to the Platform