What is Qompass ?
Qompass is a commercial grade blockchain built for high speed financial transactions with Smart Contracts support


What is an ICO?
An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for the utility tokens, which represent services or units of services, is a way to fund projects of shared infrastructure. In an ICO, issued cryptocurrency (tokens) is sold in exchange for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.


Is this a Security?
NO, Qompass Coin is a utility coin to be used with in the Qompass ecosystem


What is the ICO price?<
The Price of the token is $0.8 with Bonuses ranging from 40% to 5%


Where to buy tokens?
You can deposit direct to the addresses on the front page. If you deposit BTC remember to Click Join token sale button to register your ERC20 Token receiving Address in the dashboard.


How to get bonus?
5% Bonus is automatically added to the purchased tokens , additional bonuses will be distributed after ICO ends.


How does Qompass generate revenue ?
Qompass earns an incentive from services such as the managed Crypto accounts. Moreover, we will be offering consulting services to institutions looking to implement Qompass blockchain into their business model. We will also license API and applications in the ecosystem.


When will QPS be traded on exchanges?
We have already signed NDA with a handful of top Exchanges


When can i sell my Tokens?
After ICO ends , tokens will be listed to exchanges and you can freely trade them with others. You can also sell tokens in our internal P2P exchange when its launched.


What is the Qompass card?
Qompass card is a hybrid debit card and hardware wallet , you can use the card to withdraw fiat at ATM or online shopping , the card is equipt with NFC technology for easy communication with the Qompass Mobile APP.


How much will the card cost?
The cost of the card will range from $150 to $250 , First 1000 contributions to ICO for minimum 1ETH will get the card free.


Where can i get the Qompass Card?
Cards will be available for order from our official website as well as selected global distributors.


What is the Managed Crypto Accounts program?
The MCA is a managed crypto trading program where anyone can connect a crypto wallet using Qompass Api and smartcontracts to participate in trading without giving full control of your crypto assets.


How to participate in the ICO?
To subscribe to the ICO round one and two, you must use a Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet that you have control over (i.e. a wallet that you have its private key). Caution: please do not send funds from Exchanges.