Qompass Card

Hybrid Debit Card and Hardware Wallet.

How it works

The Qompass card is one of its kind hybrid debit card and a wallet that allows instant access to the blockchain.

The card is equipped with NFC. You can use the card at ATMs and POS worldwide or simply use it to store your crypto investments. This card initially will support Ethereum Tokens as well as QPS.

Where it works

You can use the Qompass at ATMs to withdraw Fiat currencies, at Point of Sale (PoS), and in online shopping.

World Wide Access

The Qompass card will be available through Strategic Partners worldwide as well as through Online Merchants.

Security And Anonimity

Personal information is not stored on the card. In case of loss, the card can easily be unlinked from your account through the Qompass Mobile App.