Qompass Blockchain

Blockchain Solutions for Financials Markets

We are developing a secured blockchain with smart contract capability to update traditional financial markets, Smart contracts and Artificial Intelligence Secured Explorer, and to speed up transactions.

Limitations of the current blockchain
  • Slow, very expensive, and getting worse.
  • Easily bloated
  • Scaling issues
  • Limited smart contracts ( require heavy programing)
Qompass BlockChain
  • Secured Decentralised BlockChain Protocol
  • Secured Explorer ( no one can spy on your wallet address )
  • High Speed > 30000 Transactions per Second ( Scalabled)
  • Artificial inteligence ( Monitors Blockchain health and able to Scale as required)
  • Smart Contracts ( no programing needed - Drag and Drop Templates)
  • Unlimited Nodes ( Each Wallet works to secure the network and increase productivity )
Who benefits from Qompass
  • Businesses requiring high transaction speeds
  • Payment Processors locally or on a global scale
  • Payroll Management - Using Qompass App you can send up to 1000 transactions at once
  • Governance
  • Escrow
  • Financial Institutions
  • Business requiring easy to use Smart Contracts
  • Banks
  • Hedge Funds
  • Stock Exchanges