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Do not send ETH from an exchange wallet

1 ETH = 840 QPSE 5% Bonus Inclusive

Minimum Contribution 0.1 ETH

Set 100,000 gas and atleast 21 Gwei

1 BTC = 14,280 QPSE 5% Bonus Inclusive

Qompass value

Global Interlinking of crypto Exchanges-one account for all

Fix shortcomings of current blockchains

Offer Real smart contracts. easy to use and implement with no programing required

bring back trust and eradicate manipulation in financial markets

Offer easy liquidation of crypto assets through globel liquidity pools

Qompass has received strong backing from institutional investors; only $500K worth of Tokens is left

Softcap $2M
HC $10M
Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks and Active Leverage to benefit every trader

Qompass ecosystem will simulate precisely expert trader´s behaviour and provide a rich ecosystem of API protocols and applications to drive financial and capital market on a global scale. Qompass vision is to restore the lost trust of traders in the 294 trillion dollars financial markets by utilizing blockchain fully distributed ledger functionality to make every transaction tamper proof and corruption free.

Qompass Blockchain is designed for high speed financial transactions which is one of the most important aspects in trading
  • 30k transaction verifications per second which is really revolutionary
  • Lowest possible costs for each transaction
  • Complete anonymity
  • Aid of artificial intelligence
  • Easy to use smart contracts – Drag and Drop Templates
Why Qompass?

Qompass has come up with a solution that will enable crypto traders and investors to undertake trading of crypto currencies without giving up full control of assets. Through our API, smart Contracts and applications you can link the wallet that holds your assets to an exchange and start trading crypto assets, all settlements being undertaken by smart contracts.


Qompass Blockchain

Secured Decentralised Blockchain Protocol

Secured Explored (No One Can Spy On Your Wallet Address)

High Speed > 30000 Transactions Per Second (Scalable)

Artificial Intelligence (Monitors Blockchain Health And Able To Scale As Required)

Smart Contracts (No programming Needed - Drag And Drop Templates)

Unlimited Nodes (Each Wallet Works To secure The Network And Increase Productivity)

Qompass Blockchain

Limitations of the current Blockchain

Slow , Very Expensive and getting Worse

Easily over loaded

Scaling issues

Limited smart Contracts (Required Heavy Programming)

Limitations of the current Blockchain

Business Requiring High Transactions Speeds

Payments Processors Locally Or On a global scale

Payroll management - Using Qompass App You Can Send Up to 1000 Transactions At Once



Financial Institutions, Banks

Business Requiring Easy To Use Smart Contracts

Hedge Funds,Stock Exchanges


Detailed Whitepaper about Qompass Blockchain and Services


Exchange Money

Our inbuilt peer to peer (P2P) exchange allows you to exchange currencies without any middleman

Purchasing crypto is now faster, cheaper and easier with Qompass Mobile App

Sending Money

Qompass mobile app allows you to send money (i.e Fiat and Crypto ) to any other user.

Sending QPS is free but a small transaction fee will be charged for sending other currencies


Hybrid Debit Card and hardware Wallet.

How it works

The Qompass card is a hybrid debit card and hardware wallet that allows instant access to the blockchain.

The card is equipped with NFC. You can use the card at ATMs and POS worldwide or simply use it to store your crypto investments. This card will support QPS,BTC,ETH and ERC20 Tokens .

Where it works

You can use the Qompass at ATMs to withdraw Fiat currencies, at Point of Sale (PoS), and in online shopping.

Qompass Trader

State of the art platform for all your crypto trading and investment needs.

Qompass Trader is an advanced platform for charting, analysing and forecasting financial markets, that offers maximum security and anonymity.

it is designed on a dedicated blockchain. we have created a platform to eliminate markets and trade date manipulation

The use of smart contracts makes it impossible to alter or manipulate trading, thus giving equal opportunities to all parties involved.

MCA Managed Crypto Accounts

Qompass is introducing a new way to earn passive income on your Crypto investments. Earn up to 30% Per Month on your crypto holdings Using advanced Artificial intelligence and Neural network Algorithms combined with active leverage. Investors in the MCA program are able to earn such stress free income on their crypto holdings.


Qompass is introducing a new way to earn passive income on your Crypto investments. Earn up to 30% Per Month on your crypto holdings Using advanced Artificial intelligence and Neural network Algorithms combined with active leverage. Investors in the MCA program are able to earn such stress free income on their crypto holdings.


  • Qompass Genesis
  • QPS Tokens Pre-Sale
  • Qps ICO Sale
  • Distribution of ERC20 QPSE Tokens
  • Listing Of QPSE On Exchanges From
Q1 2018
  • Launch of Qompass main net
  • Windows, Mac, Linux Wallets / Clients
  • Android, IOS Wallets
  • Qompass(QPS) Tokens release
  • Token Swap(QPSE to QPS) starts
  • Listing of QPS Tokens on Exchanges
Q3 2018
  • API for DAPPS, Block chain design framework, smart Contracts Templates(Drag & Drop)
  • Qompass Trader
  • Qompass Liquidity stream and gateway
  • Launching Strategic Partner Programs
  • Launching Managed Crypto Investment Program (Minimum QPS price on internal Exchange - $15)
Q4 2018
  • Qompass payment cards / hardware Wallets
  • Qompass Banking Network
  • Qompass Liquidity API (Traditional Exchanges)
  • Global marketing Campaign
Q1 2019
  • 100% Bonus payment To Pre ICO and ICO Subscribers
  • Launching Of Qompass Terminal: A Crypto Financial News, Data, Analysis Terminal (Subscription Only) (Minimum QPS price on internal Exchange - $35)
Q2 2019
  • Launching of Crypto Fund Incubator Program
Q3 2019

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Our Team

Emmanuel Lim

30 years In Cryptography and data encryption, enthusiastic block chain architect security expert on banking cybersecurity. Mr Lim has worked on Designing cyber security systems for top world banks. - CEO

Selena Neskovic

Institutional investment management professional with deep expertise in global portfolio management in large hedge funds, as well as in trading, venture capital selection, financial engineering, consulting, high net worth investment management and advisory. Specialized in adopting institutional investment approaches to cryptocurrencies. Has an extensive experience working with leading investment banks and asset managers such as,Zurich Cantonal Bank,Deutsche Bank, Barclays, HSBC

Vladimir Okhrimenko

CTO Lead Developer : Block Chain , Security Systems , Smartcontracts and Artificial intelligence : Extensive Experience in developing back-end development.Deep experience in technologies like solidity, Django, AioHTTP, Tornado, Postgres, Mongo, Celery, Redis, and others

Daniel Okesson

Information technology ,Cryptography Blockchain and smartcontract expert - Systems designer - Lead Developer : Responsible for Project, requirements and architecture management of blockchain solutions. Daniel has overall experience in software development over 20 years, which includes 8 years in information security, 10 years in PM/team lead role in R&D centers with Microsoft systems , as well as application development for Linux, Windows, and Android.

Ad Alez

Front end Developer

Julia Smith

Worked on Banking software development for wall street firm Lehman brothers -Systems and Tech Advisor , Artificial inteligence , Neaural networks . High Frequence Trading systems and applications Designer

Daniel Tealdo

Business development: An entrepreneur, private investor. Over the course of his career has managed complex projects and was actively engaged in business development. FX and equity trader for more than 12 years, with 3 years in cryptocurrency trading. Previously, had an experience in creating and promoting online businesses. Worked with FXCM

Sandeep Roy

Graphics designer and frontend developer

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